Passover Product List

Following is the list of products we will be using, in addition to meat, chicken and fish.

Product List:

  • Oil
  • Dairy products; Cheese, Yogurt, Leben, Milk, etc. however dairy meals will be cooked on separate keilim with pareve alternatives provided.
  • Grape Juice/Wine for cooking
  • Peeled vegetables/fruits only
  • Potato starch
  • Ground nuts
  • Cocoa
  • Chocolate/chocolate chips for desserts made before Pesach
  • Sugar used before Pesach & Boiled Sugar during Pesach
  • Raskins Fish
  • Salt
  • Minimal Dry Spices used before Pesach
  • Romaine Lettuce & Cabbage
  • Purchased cookies/cakes for those that use (homemade options for those that don’t.)
  • Bottled Water & Seltzer

Please remember to bring your own Wine and Matzah according to your needs and stringencies.