Refer-A-Camper Program

February 2022:
A very generous donor who is passionate about the mission and values of CGI Poconos has stepped forward and announced an incentive referral program for CGI Poconos families.

October 2022:
As of October 25th, 2022, the Refer-A-Camper program is now available for Winter Camp. Families will receive $200 off their tuition balance for each camper referred.

Program Details:
No one knows better the life-changing impact of a summer at CGI Poconos than our campers and their families. Help us spread the word about CGI Poconos so that more Jewish girls, tweens and teens can broaden their horizons, make new friends from around the world, deepen their connection to traditional Judaism and its values and become tomorrow’s leaders to change the world.

Now, you can help ensure that more Jewish girls and teens have the CGI Poconos experience by referring campers AND save $350 off of tuition for every girl you refer that attends at least 2 weeks.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!
1. Refer a family
2. They attend camp
3. You receive $350 off your tuition balance for each camper referred.

Rules and restrictions:
1) There is NO limit of how many campers you can refer. For each family you refer you will receive an additional $350 off you’re remaining tuition balance.2) You will not receive a smaller scholarship because of a referral credit. All referral credits will be applied after the family has a settled scholarship decision.

3) To qualify for the referral bonus the camper referred must attend camp for at least a two week session.

4) To qualify, the families referred must be new families that have not previously attended CGI Poconos or has been already referred by another source.

5) All referrals will be subject to the standard acceptance (and scholarship) process of CGI Poconos and will require references. CGI Poconos reserves the right to decline the acceptance of any camper if it is determined to be in the camps best interest.

If you have any questions or you would like to take part in this new initiative please contact