Shluchim Resources 2023

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Shluchim FAQS
 Do you offer financial assistance to families?

Yes! It is our mission that no child be turned away due to their family’s inability to afford tuition.  To that effect, CGIP offers 4-tier pricing which provides families the opportunity to pay what they can afford. For the Summer 2022 season we were able to provide over $215,000 from our scholarship fund. In addition, CGIP prides itself on helping families find 3rd Party funding from local federations and foundations. For the 2022 summer season, we were able to secure over $90,000 from 3rd party grants and scholarships.

Are you affiliated with the Foundation For Jewish Camp (One Happy Camper/PJ Goes to Camp)?
Yes! If your local federation is participating in the OHC program and the child is eligible they will receive a grant of $700-$1,000. If the family’s federation is NOT participating but they participate in PJ Library and the child is eligible they will receive a grant. 
Are there other 3rd party funding opportunities besides the OHC grant?
Yes! Many federations and similar local Jewish organizations provide scholarships for children to attend Jewish overnight camp, even if it is not their first time attending. We work closely with families to identify and apply for these scholarships.
IMPORTANT: Most of these organizations have application deadlines with the earliest starting in January.   
 What type of girl does CGI Poconos cater to and where do they come from?
Over the past 10 years over 150 shluchim from 25 states and 10 countries have sent campers to CGIP. The typical campers have attended their respective Chabad House’s Hebrew School, Bat Mitzvah Club, Gan Izzy Day Camp. Very often their families are open to growing and want to provide their daughters with a summer of immersive Yiddishkeit, even though they don’t always understand what that entails.  
What age girls does CGI Poconos cater to and at what age is the best to recruit?
CGI Poconos caters to girls ages 8-14 / currently in 3rd-9th grades. Our most popular division is Bat-Mitzvah Experience for girls 11-12 years old. However, many families send their daughters to overnight camp when they are 9 years old (in 3rd grade). Once they find an overnight camp that they like, it becomes very hard to get them to switch to a different one so it’s best to recruit children that are 8-9 years old.  Even if they don’t seem ready, it is good for them to be aware of CGI Poconos.
Why would I send a younger girl to CGI Poconos if I run a Gan Izzy and struggle for campers myself?
As a result of the immersive 24/7 experience that CGI Poconos offers our campers return home with the knowledge, experience, and confidence to share what they learned in camp with parents, siblings and friends. Furthermore, many CGI Poconos’ Alumna take on leadership positions in their respective communities (eg. CTeen Leaders).