Planning a retreat for your group?  Make Gan Israel Retreat your #1 destination for fun, easy-to-plan overnight trips.

Nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, Gan Israel Retreat offers a beautiful setting for Jewish students, families, and communities seeking an overnight getaway.  Very conveniently located only 70 miles (90 minutes) from New York City, our newly refurbished facility includes heated cabins, dining hall with top-of-the-line glatt Kosher kitchens, swimming pool, private lake, sport fields and courts, zip line and climbing wall, and recreation hall for group activities.

Guests will enjoy: sports including basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer, and tennis; traditional campfires; hiking on our on-site trails, swimming in our beautiful pool, and boating and fishing on our private lake.

With full catering services, optional linen service, and dedicated staff, Gan Israel Retreat offers great value for groups large and small.

OPEN: April, May, June, late August, September & October

2019 Dates & Programs:

    • May 3-5, Achrei*
    • May 17-19, Emor*
    • May 24-27, Behar* Memorial Day Weekend
    • May 31 – June 2, Bechukotai*
    • June 7 -11, Bamidbar, 5 days, SHAVUOS**
    • June 14-16, Naso*
    • June 21-23, Behaalotecha*
    • June 24 – Aug. 20, reserved for children’s summer camp’s
    • Aug. 23-25, Eikev*
    • Aug. 30 – Sept. 2, Re’eh, 4 days, (LABOR DAY WKND)** (Check Availability & Book Online)
    • Sept. 6-8, Shoftim*
    • Sept. 13-15, Ki Teitzei*
    • Sept. 20-22, Ki Tavo*
    • Sept. 27-29, Nitzavim*
    • Sept. 29 – Oct 2, 4 days, ROSH HASHANAH** (Check Availability & Book Online)
    • Oct. 4-6, Vayelech*
    • Oct. 11-13, Ha’azinu*
    • Oct. 13-16,  4 days, SUKKOT** (Check Availability & Book Online)
    • Oct. 25-27, Bereishit*

*Shabbosim available for group rental.



LOCAL ATTRACTIONS 1 of 2 (Director’s Choice)

LOCAL ATTRACTIONS 2 of 2 (Township’s Choice)


Contact info:

Off-Season address:
Gan Israel Retreat
10 Hidden Glen Ln
Airmont, NY 10952

Summer address:
Gan Israel Retreat
call or email for street address
Dingmans Ferry, PA 18328

Telephone: 845.425.0903
Fax: 845.406.4099

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